We will save you money in the long run– Ok, it may seem like the cheaper option to pick up a pack of drain un-blocker or soda crystals from your local store, these products are just not effective in the long run. They may assist with clearing some of the blockage, but not all, and before you know it, a few weeks later your drains are clogged again and you’re having to buy more products. Instead, choosing Toilet Man 49.95 per drain service will save you money in the long run because they will get rid of all remnant of dirt, muck, roots, etc that is causing the blockage, meaning that your drains will remain free of blockages for years upon years gives us a call..

We Charge $49.95 Sewer $49.95 Drain #1 Source for drain cleaning in Queens Ny 11432 Call Us Today!




No one ever said a sewer clog would be pretty. If you're having a problem with your sewer line, we have the right equipment to help you..


do you have a clogged drain?

Do you have water leaking, bathtub not draining or water leaking under toilet? no worry's we can fix any Clogged drain you throw our way. .

Toilet Man We Charged $49.95 Sewer $49.95 Drain





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