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  • Storm Sewer
  • Yard Drain
  • Sewer Back up
  • Slop Sink
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Sewer Clog
  • Toilet Back up
  • Shower Stall Back up
  • Kitchen Sink Clog
  • Vanity Sink Clog
  • Leader Drain Block
  • Any Clog!

1. Our mission here at $49.95 Sewer 49.95 Drain is pretty simple  The goal is to always provide economical, friendly and professional service to all of our residential & commercial customers. After we service our customers sewer or drain cleaning needs, we want our customers to feel satisfied and confident in the work performed by our highly skilled technicians. Here at $49.95 Sewer $49.95 Drain we provide all of our customers with A+ service, upfront rate's, and all of our work is guaranteed.

2. We efficiently clear any clogged  drains
Household drains can find themselves easily clogged and blocked up, which in turn can make things decidedly unpleasant around the home and in the basement. Drains can find themselves clogged and blocked up by a whole variety of different substances, including household food debris, mineral deposits, leaves, grease and solidified oil, and a selection of other nasty forms of detritus. Many people will spend a great deal of money on products such as soda crystals, baking soda, and drain un-blockers that are ineffective and don’t do a good enough job.Our Professional drain and sewer cleaners however, will get rid of absolutely every last trace of whatever was causing the blockage, leaving your drains in fantastic condition.

3. We also eliminate your slow drains as well
There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow drain that is draining away, but far, far slower than it should be. This can waste time and money, and can make basic chores such as washing the dishes, last several times longer than they should. A slow drain is also a sign that something is wrong, and overtime, blockages will build up and the problem will only get more serious. A quick phone call to arrange a date, for professional drain and sewer cleaning will resolve slow drains within a matter of minutes.